Meditation Techniques Using The Depth Factor

The Depth Factor consists of six meditation techniques audios engineered to take you to the Alpha State with the help of soft binaural beats, relaxing music and mind-sync technology. Each audio track comes in three versions: the 8-minute version, the 20-minute and the 60 minute version. The Depth Factor full program also includes well written instructional meditation techniques guidebooks and a 30 page questions and answers booklet.

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Audio Track #1: Depth Within


Track #1 is called Depth Within which will take you to a deep state of meditation starting the first time you hit play. This audio will help you channel positive energy to your body while you relax.

Depth Within meditation techniques helps you…

  • Form a strong mind-body connection. So your mind-body connection becomes tighter than ever before.
  • Form a deep connection with your inner self.

Audio Track #2: Inner Blossom

Track #2 is called Inner Blossom. You already hold within you the power to create vibrant states of health and well-being in your life. This audio will help you relax on ever-deepening levels, where you’ll invite healing and renewal into your life.

Inner Blossom meditation techniques helps you…

      • Focus on your body to invite healing and renewal as you meditate.
      • Enjoy deep relaxation within seconds.

You are getting this track in three versions: the 8-minute version, the 20-minute and the 60 minute version.

Audio Track #3: Total Focus

Track #3 is called Total Focus and will help you reach a higher level of consciousness through concentration. Drift into a higher plane as you learn to take complete control of your thoughts.Total Focus helps you…

  • Forget about your problems while you listen to this track – leading you to a peaceful meditation practice.
  • Find the answers you’re seeking while this music helps you relax.

Audio Track #4: Creative Mind

Track #4 is called Creative Mind and will help you solve any problem and come up with amazing solutions that will surprise your family, friends and co-workers. That genius idea that has always been lingering in your mind will finally sprout and come to fruition. The beautiful melodies that accompany the soft binaural beats of Creative Mind will take you to the deepest range of the Alpha State – where ideas flourish.

Creative Mind meditation techniques helps you…

  • Reach the deepest range of the Alpha State – helping you come up with creative solutions to your problems.
  • Discover a part of yourself that you didn’t even know existed.

Audio Track #5: Relax & Rest

 Track #5 is called Relax & Rest. Carefully created by our audio engineers, Relax & Rest will take you to the deepest meditation experience of your life. If you feel tired after a long day at work, listen to this audio, close your eyes, and feel an instant recovery.

Relax & Rest helps you…

  • Enjoy deep relaxation within seconds of clicking on the “play” button.
  • Erase stress as you listen to this wonderful meditation music.

Audio Track #6: Zen State

Track #6 is called Zen State. This track will help you connect to your inner self as you experience a mind-body connection that builds your awareness like you’ve never felt before.

Zen State helps you…

  • Focus on the present moment with this track. Forget everything else except the present.
  • Improve your health by removing stress and helping you experience peace and relaxation.


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