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If you are really serious about quitting smoking here is a great ebook with the title of  ‘The EasyQuit System’ that will give you easy to read and practical advice about everything you need to know to quit smoking without any of the usual hardships.

Aspects covered in the book include:-

    1. The single biggest reason why most smokers never quit and how you can overcome this problem with ease.
    2. The core reasons why you have always found it so difficult to quit before so you can understand where you have gone wrong in the past.
    3. How you are addicted to nicotine, a highly addictive drug that has only weak physical and psychological effects on you and how this addiction isn’t as strong as you and everyone else believe it is.
    4. How to ‘think outside the box’ a lot of what you will learn will fly directly against what you think you know and understand about smoking.
    5. Why you actually hate smoking and always have!
    6. Why smoking is not a habit as you have always been lead to believe. There is nothing habitual about smoking – it just seems that way because it is misinterpreted!
    7. Which decisions you must make before quitting and which decisions will guarantee failure so you know to avoid them.
    8. The attitude that you must take on before, during and after smoking the last EVER cigarette of your life. This is not found in most of the public literature available.
    9. The three pillars of quitting using these three pillars guarantee that you will never have the desire to smoke another cigarette again.
    10. The 22 CORE BELIEFS smokers have as to why they smoke and blow them away one by one – leaving you with little choice but to become a non-smoker!
    11. Why cutting down or using patches, gum or sprays will virtually guarantee failure and ensure if you do succeed you will never be a happy non smoker!
    12. Why substitution with chewing gum, sweets, food or water just magnifies your desire to smoke, and explain the simplest process for killing cravings dead!
    13. Using the EasyQuit System™, you will naturally come to a conclusion that you do not have a desire to smoke any longer.
    14. There will be no effort in not smoking at the end of the course because it will be like stopping doing something you don’t like doing! Quitting doesn’t get any easier than that!


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