Sensational Smoothies



In this Sensational Smoothies book, you will find:

  bulletOver 180 smoothie recipes that make use of a wide variety of ingredients.
bulletTips on how to choose the freshest fruit and vegetables!
bulletTips on how to properly store and prepare your ingredients so you don’t lose the flavor, vitamins, and minerals.
bulletWhen it’s okay to substitute frozen ingredients for fresh ones.

  bulletHow to choose ingredients depending on their nutritional values or based on the benefits you want.
bulletHow to avoid disastrous combinations that result in unpalatable smoothies.
bulletTips on the best equipment to use for making smoothies so you only need to get the equipment you really need (though you probably have it all already!)
bulletThe perfect smoothing-making technique, which will make sure you always get smooth, thick, flavorful smoothies.
bulletHow you can make delicious cocktail and dessert smoothies. Give in to some cravings, while still staying healthy!

bullet Explanations and charts on what it is to eat healthily.

bullet The essentials of good nutrition.

bullet Why you don’t need vitamins.

bullet How to prevent obesity.

bullet A guide to what you should have in your kitchen.

bullet How to plan a healthy menu that will benefit the entire family.

bullet How to eat healthily and save money, even while eating out!

bullet How to eat at fast food restaurants, but still eat healthy!

bullet And so much more!


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