EasyQuit System Testimonials

The common practice of smoking cigarettes is widely regarded by health professionals as causing a wide variety of chronic diseases some of which cause premature deaths among smokers from lung and throat cancers.

A book has been written by Pete Howells who is the author of the EasyQuit System for quitting smoking. In it he outlines everything you need to know to quit the habit in as little as 3 hours from reading the book. The course of action he teaches will enable you to not only quit smoking it even stops you from wanting to ever smoke again!

EasyQuit System

Here are 2 testimonials from people who have read the book and have acted upon his advice:-

1.- I was one of the many that thought they would be the only one that could never give up I watched my husband reading Pete Howells book and he stopped! It was amazing, he had been a heavy smoker for 35 years and he just stopped. He gave me the book and I began to read it. As I turned the pages I realized that if I continued I would have to stop, the old doubts came into my head questioning whether I could actually stop.. And you know what? I quit smoking! The cost for me to stop smoking was only $47, for what I would call a miracle. I absolutely recommend. It is well written and you will understand why we get this nicotine addiction.

Carl Wilkinson, Miami, Florida

2.- I read the ebook in 2 days and was getting really excited to get to the end and smoke my last cigarette, which I just did some weeks after applying the system. Your book was a revelation. I must say I feel good and I have a sense of freedom again. I’m not a slave to nicotine now. I have better health and more energy. This book is two thumbs up!

Lucy Starks. Aberdeen, Texas



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